Grilled Lamb Cutlets 

This is a mix of really great flavours. The lamb is the true hero here, but the activated charcoal adds a real depth to the dish. Activated charcoal has become the latest superfood to hit LA, Melbourne and now London. For me this is Summer on a plate.

Serves 3:

1 Lamb Rack 8 Bone

3Tbsp Burnt Aubergine Puree

150ml Charcoal Mayonnaise

3 Button Onions

When ready to cook, get your BBQ ready and let your coals get to a nice temperature before cooking. Add the cutlets, fat side down, and sear to colour the fat. Season the cutlets with salt and pepper to taste, then grill for 8 minutes for medium-rare. Leave the cutlets to rest for 5 minutes, covered with kitchen foil, then cut each into 2 chops.

Cut your button onions in half whilst the lamb is resting and brush with oil and grill on a high heat. Once coloured, cut out the core and pick the onion petals

Once your lamb is rested nicely, cut in between the bones and serve as the picture. We make a little broad bean and pea salad dressed with a touch of lemon as extra garnish.

For the Aubergine Puree:

2 Aubergines

100ml Olive Oil

Preheat your griddled

Score the aubergine and season well with salt before placing on the grill

Continuously baste with Olive oil whilst charring and smoking at the same time until completely soft and cooked

Scoop out the pulp and season well before blitzing until smooth in the vita-mix and store for service

For the Charcoal Mayonnaise:

100ml Mayonnaise

50g Activated Charcoal (food grade)

Combine the Mayonnaise and activated charcoal together and season to taste with a touch of salt

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