M, ‘The 24 Hour Cookbook’ is a collection of dusk till dawn recipes by M Executive Chef Michael Reid.

Be a saint or sinner as you select from Michael’s breakfast through till midnight snacks recipes which are inspired by and featured in M’s RAW & GRILL Restaurants. Perfect for at home entertaining, the book also goes behind the scenes of restaurant life showing 24 hours of M and the building of both the brand and restaurants.

Available NOW.

A £5 donation benefiting the HNCF & SOHK charities is included with each book purchase.


“Chef Michael Reid’s M Cookbook has it all, from deliciously imaginative and nutritious breakfasts, to mouthwatering sashimi and ceviche dishes, to decadent and gutsy steak cuts. It’s a truly international cookbook and a thoroughly modern one, too. Best of all is Reid’s unflinching commitment to quality ingredients and precise techniques. Read it and absorb: it’ll change the way you cook at home.”

– Toby Wiseman, Editor, Mens Health Magazine