Spring has to be my favourite season to cook lamb, it’s so full flavoured, yet tender its just a pleasure to eat. This is a great dish from Dan Rollins Operations chef of M, using the best of Spring produce with this beautiful lamb.

Serves 2

500g Lamb rumps, should be 2 pieces

1Tbsp Butter, unsalted

1Tsp Rapeseed Oil

2 Sprigs of Thyme

500ml Lamb Stock

3 Bay Leaves

100g English Peas, fresh podded

1 Baby Gem Lettuce

1 Granny Smith Apple, small diced

½  lemon, juiced

100g Lamb Belly Bacon (or normal pork lardons if cant find)

150ml Greek Style Yoghurt

1 Tsp Maldon Sea Salt,

Bronze Fennel or Pea Shoots to garnish

1 Ensure your lamb is out of the fridge at least 30 minutes before cooking it

2 Put your lamb stock in a pan and reduce down by half with your bay leaves.

3 Bring a medium heat pan to temperature, add a little cooking oil followed by your lamb rump fat side down first, season with sea salt. Let the fat render down slowly for about 3-4 minutes or until 70% golden

4 Add your butter and thyme and begin to baste the lamb for a further minute before turning it over and reducing the heat to low. Continuously baste your lamb with what should be foaming butter. If you like your lamb pink keep this going for about  another 3 minutes before taking of the heat and leaving to rest whilst you finish the dish

5 To prepare your warm salad, sauté the lamb bacon, in a medium heated pan until it is slightly browned. Add your apple and peas and lemon juice and saute for another minute ensuring you keep the pan moving. The last 15 seconds of this add in your baby gem leaves, using the larger outer leaves making sure they have been nicely washed in advance. Season with a touch of sea salt

6 To plate up add a little of the yoghurt on the plate and place the baby gem leaf on top, before adding your warm salad of peas, bacon and apple. Garnish this with either the bronze fennel or pea shoots. Now place the lamb on the plate and yoghurt and serve with your sauce on the side.

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